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About Us

 We provide :

  • chalets

  • dorms

  • a covered fully air-conditioned hall

​for recreational or team building activities.

  • Located next to a gentle flowing river of Sungai Bernam with beach-like access and gazebo, it will surely be a great stop for a picnic with the family.

  • For team-building purposes, we have separated dorms with a secure indoor walkway to access restrooms and a hall for you to strengthen your team's trust.

  • Do contact us for any inquiries, we will try our very best to cater to all your needs so you can experience the best and most comfortable nature experiences. 


Check out our accommodations below :

Facilities & Activities

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Bernam Nature Hut,

Kampung Simpang Empat Dalam,

Hulu Bernam,

35900, Ulu Selangor, Perak

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